Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Art of Sequoia Bostick

Hello all,

My name is Sequoia Bostick and this will be one of the many places where I will share my art, favorite artist, and connect to other artist all over the world. I am an up and coming illustrator studying illustration at the Cleveland Institute of Art. my art is based mostly around water media such as water color and inks but i hope to expand my use of different mediums. anyways, I those who see my art work enjoy more art to come!

You are interesting in my art here is my coroflot account where i will be posting most of my professional portfolio

i do freelance art so if you are interested in a commission by me my prices range from 75$-200$ based on time and material. you can swing me an email at

I will just start by posting a few art works every couple of weeks and then from there i will see where this goes.

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