Monday, December 3, 2012


I forgot to mention that one of my t-shirt designs final came back from print about a week and a half ago. Here is the process-ish:

This is the Inked pencil sketch from my sketch book. My ideas were pretty straight forward for these T-shirt designs. They just had to be cool and child friendly. I use to really like School House Rock as a kid so I thought it would be cool to make design based of the style.

I took that sketch into Photoshop and re-inked it for cleaner lines.

I started to play around with the color before I sent it off to the printing company 

This was the color that both me and the printing company agreed on.

Though I was not sure what the actual t-shirt was going to look like I went ahead and made my own version to show you guys and to have something for my portfolio.

This design was for the young artist program at The Cleveland Institute of Art in Ohio. Here's a funny story about these shirts: when I sent the design to the printing company  I said "hey, I would like the illustration to be white with a blue outline". They said "sure, what color should the shirt be" "orange" I said "like the C.I.A (Cleveland Institute of Art) orange". "okay so safety orange". a week later I receive an email with their version of my design of the color orange shown on the t-shirt above. I liked it a lot and I told them so and that was the last time I saw my design. A month or so later they had a end of class party where they would pass out the t-shirt to the students. I so happen to be at school working on a project when a kid runs past me in a bright orange blur. when the kid finally stopped he turn around and looked at me and to my surprise my design was on his    t-shirt all big and pretty. The most shocking part was the color of his shirt, it was the brightest day-glow orange I have ever seen. I mean it was really glowing...... I MEAN REALLY GLOWING. Suddenly a whole group of kids showed up with those shirts on I swear to god they could light of an entire city with no power. I thought I was hilarious and it made me happy to that they loved the shirts. I find it funnier that they walked right passed the artist who design their day-glow orange shirts 

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