Monday, December 3, 2012

we had to produce a piece of art work that best depict the word we were given 


marked by symptoms of mental illnessa disturbed personality.
agitated or distressed; disrupted: disturbed seas; a disturbedsituation.

  I went along with more with the second definition.My illustration depicted a scarecrow who to me would normally be disturbing enough on its own. Instead i put a comical twist on the situation where the crows are disturbing the scarecrow rather than him keeping them away . Here is the process of creating this art work:

sketches done in my sketchbook with the initial idea/concept. 

This is the sketch done on photoshop after scan in the previous picture.I compiled the images and made an outline. 
The comprehensive pencil 

Fully rendered illustration done on textured Canson mat board. The size of this art work is 18X14.

The project required us to do a full color illustration but I much rather keep it in black and white but I did a colored version by scanning it and coloring it on photoshop.

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